Off to the Races

Excuse my tardiness in delivering this illiterate, vaguely engaging blog post but I was busy visiting the UN, helping Santa and plotting  Donald Trump’s assassination (two lies and a truth, you figure it out), but here we go. With one, lustful glance at this frock I deciphered its undeniable potential for race-day attire. Setting aside the fact that I am no fan of the barbarity of risking those beautiful animals’ lives for the sake of a few avid drinkers and punters, I am in fact, a super fan of the costume as well as the amazing annual post-race piss up newspaper stories on the ‘Disturbing State of our Youth’.

According to the universal checklists for race attendance, the public votes crowns and crap (slightly douchey but brilliant) to be the numero uno item of importance. The people love a headpiece and I can’t blame em’. Evidentially trying too hard is my forte and is something that appears to be a common and collective theme for the races, what a match.

Wearing: Thurley dress, Kookai headpiece, Etsy earrings, Acne Studios clutch
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli