Penny not a Nickel

Don’t have time to shave your legs? Finding yourself frustrated with your regular shaving regime? Nicks and cuts getting you down? WELL you big bunch of incompetent, lazy sloths, I have the solution to all of your hairy problems. Don’t shave! Grow it, braid it or dye it, either way leg hair is undeniably versatile and totally fresh this AW16 season. If this option doesn’t tickle your follicles like it does mine, I suggest the ever-steady and reliable thigh-high boot.

A secret agent type disguise for all things bad tan, leg fur or fnees (cankles not-so-identical twin sister), thigh-highs are the key to winter dressing success. I found these beauties at Public Desire for a penny not a nickel and would highly recommend them to anyone who’ll listen.

Wearing: Public Desire boots, Acne Studios sweater, Zara leather skirt
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli