Wise Woman

A wise woman (myself) once told me (a wise woman) that grey wasn’t my colour. She said the dulcet qualities of my slightly anaemic skin tone made me looked washed out when paired with grey and like a jerk I believed her. For years I steered clear of grey for fear of replicating the characteristics of an extra from The Walking Dead, but finally found the courage to tell that “wise woman” to politely get on her bike. With newly established arrogance reminiscent of Donald Trump, I now say differently. I can now convincingly rock a couple, if not 50, shades of grey (good one Rachel, didn’t see that one coming), with the strength of Dion Lee pumping through my veins.

Wearing: Dion Lee jumper, Asos skirt, Front Row shoes, Etsy earrings
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli