Back Rash

I’ve always had a mental block up against lace. It could be down to the psychological effects of my Grannies extreme fondness for doyleys and tablecloths on every surface, ever. Exquisite taste obviously runs in the family. Or it could just maybe, have something to do with my year 6 school disco outfit, a black lace crop that provided me with some lustful glances from a few pimply, prepubescent gremlins and a ripper of a back rash. Either way, I haven’t stepped foot in a lace thread for years, that is, until now. You see, there are sometimes people or things, objects or in my troubling case, clothing items that can help you move past your lifelong traumas and I think I’ve finally found mine.

This Alice McCall frock is everything I could have wished for, giving my aching soul a much needed breather and delivering some style (much needed) to my somewhat dulcet life. I’m not sure if I am a fully converted lace lover yet, I still have a few months of psychoanalysis and group meetings before that, but I am now well and truly on my way.

Wearing: Alice McCall ‘Like I Would’ lace mini dress (currently on sale here), Tom Ford ‘Nastasya’ sunglasses (silver version found here), Amber Sceats ‘Jet’ earrings (currently on sale here).
Photos: Anastasia Borrellli 15403152_10154468023519130_1730497994_n15403089_10154468023379130_460900154_n15403075_10154468024049130_1553034029_n15416181_10154468023424130_1006897688_n

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