Blue Shirt Baby

Despite my childhood disgust at any colour outside the realm of yellow, (sports day house colour, duh) I now regard myself a reformed woman and maturely manage not to stick my nose up at the reds, blues and greens of this scary world. Some might say, I have even grown to care for them, in a sorry-I-beat-you-in-long-jump kind of way. Putting my bias aside, I have found space in my bitter, blackened heart for a varied colour palette and now, joyously, my wardrobe is reaping the fruits of my now open mind.

Ladies, Gentlemen and those who don’t identify, I present you with my newest, bluest sartorial triumph. This nifty blouse is finally doing the colour blue proud (offense intended to those of you who darkened the door of the blue house team). Streamlined at the waist, cheap and chips and easy to wear, I’m kicking goals over here.

Wearing: Asos blouse similar found here, Hurley denim skirt found here, Louis Vuitton MM Epi Leather Twist bag found here.
Photography: Anastasia Borrelli