F*cking Marvellous

Having just recently and by that I mean three short years ago (still 18 at heart), began to vote, I have come to appreciate what it means to understand politics. While the important stuff like same-sex marriage and equality are highly publicised and talked about, there is a less politically motivated campaign of total irrelevance but equal importance (definitely not equal importance), that being, the fight for the flare. The comeback of this timeless, revolutionary trouser has rocked the boat seeing fat ankles everywhere cry a big sigh of relief.  Initially the idea of departing from my regular skinny jean had me sweating bullets, so I tested the water and ended up diving straight on in.

They’re flattering, freeing and ooze individualism like a giant pimple. Having the pleb like body proportions of a regular, 50% torso, 50% legs, human, the elongation that flares provide is immeasurably useful. Pairing them with a short black tuxedo dress and slicked back hair is fulfilling all of my power-hungry feminist dreams. Flares are f**king marvellous, do every cool 2000’s chick a favour and jump on it.

Wearing: Asos flares, Kora Rae ‘Ana’ dress, Acne Studios clutch, Asos heels, vintage necklace
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli