Green & Gold Pride

Australia is famous for a lot of things, wonderful beaches, gnarly weather, utterly shite accents and even worse beer. What a killer country. Seriously. But, for all of our positives, there is, just that little something lacking. Despite the obvious talent in Australian designers, I wouldn’t consider us a shopping mecca.  Places like London, Paris and New York would by far surpass us on that front, so you would expect a young, cashed up Aussie girl to go into some kind of shopping frenzy in a place like New York, yes? No Ma’am, you’re wrong. You see, I had the good fortune to travel to the big, beautiful apple a few years back and guess what? Australia still rules. As a fan girl of online shopping – changing rooms lights are the number one contributor to self-esteem issues – I found myself sitting in my rented, poorly decorated midtown apartment scrolling on my computer, looking through the Ellery sale section of my favourite Australian store.

At this point you might be questioning my life choices and you know what, I don’t blame you. New York is full of amazing little boutiques and department store giants but with unwavering green and gold pride running deep, I must admit, Australia still has the best designers. Quality, design savviness and locally sourced products, Aussies do have the best threads. With that said, this outfit is all of that. Dion Lee on the top, Ellery on the bottom and a damn party all round. Need I say more?

Wearing: Ellery ‘Wolfgang’ skirt, Dion Lee ‘Hybrid’ top, Acne Studios clutch, Willow heels
Photos:Anastasia Borrelli