Lover not a Fighter

I would like to think of myself as more of a lover than a fighter – contrary to the constant childhood wrestling matches with my brothers. So this ethereal black number has me casting my mind back to the era that pioneered the love, the 70’s man. Seriously cool with seriously cool threads. In its bell-sleeved glory, this top is enshrining what it is to be that 70’s nonchalant, cool gurl that boys want to be with and girls want to be (thank you Austin Powers for that one). Not only is it pretty and comfortable but durable with an amazing fit. Being totally with it in regards to what is trendy (a word belonging to individuals over the age of 65 – and they can have it back) I have to say I am picking up some real nice, aesthetic vibes from this baby.

The re-emergence of this cult 70’s style is making some real viscerally satisfying waves in the streets and in my head, as my upper arms aren’t the only thing that flap in the wind now. This floaty, yet fitted number is a ten out of ten staple – easily dressed up and down – and not to mention the beautiful material. One for the history books, Ellery has managed bring the damn house down with yet another beautiful creation as I just try and move on from the trauma of my childhood wrestling injuries – scars that are both physical and emotional.

Wearing: Ellery ‘Humilis’ top, J-brand jeans, Celine ID choker, Vintage tin clutch
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli