Spruced up Sweats

When it comes to comfort wear I can safely say I rule the roost, a firm believer of the much respected track pant – the garment is basically an institution – I feel nothing but respect for wearers and lovers alike. While my cardinal rule is to never actually leave my house with them on, I have, over the years and with much practice, refined the art of being a slob. Like many of us, I feel at one with nature when I am in my pyjamas or sweats watching Criminal Minds re-runs and wondering what Doctor Reid and my offspring would look like. Would they have his social skills or my inconceivable brain power? I, like, totally googled him and he doesn’t have a significant other (the dream is still very much alive people) but am yet to scope out his social media accounts – will get back to you asap. Special shout out to his penchant for the turtleneck, boy wears the hell outta’ them.

This Acne jumper embodies everything I love about a sweat but with three times as much spice. With a turtleneck and a great deal of warmth, this piece has me feeling like sleep but looking for action. It can only be described as the holy grail of Japanese street wear meets pyjama comfort meets straight up cool.  With a suede fronting and fleece inner, there is no sweating about, well, not sweating – you’ll stay warm forever in this baby. Wear it with jeans, a skirt or if I haven’t stated the obvious enough, even shorts (MINDBLOWING). I call it the ‘spruced up sweat’ – would also love to call it my boyfriend but that could get weird.

Wearing: Acne Studios ‘Logo-Embossed Velvet-Panelled’ Sweatshirt, Bettina Liano leather pants, Dior ‘So Real’ sunglasses
Photos: Anastasia Borrellikjjnbetterbes