No Bra, No Worries

If I haven’t broadcasted it enough already, I recently had the good fortune of travelling (mooching off parents) to Hawaii. Despite my mother’s decision to purchase a frangipani hair clip and father’s likening to rash vests, it was bloody glorious. Although I have to say and totally brat-out here, that the damn heat killed me. Thoroughly killed me. Much to my relief, it’s near freezing back at here at home and I am thrilled to be back in my woollies and long sleeves.

This mohair Acne Studios cowl neck, wrap- down jumper is doing things to me, great things. With its magic, no itch material and flexibility in style, this piece is setting the solid foundations in my winter wardrobe. Much to my dear dad’s (and secretly my own) disappointment, you can’t parade around in your favourite rashie all winter so finding the perfect winter jumper companion is enormously important. My scientifically proven tips for hunting the illustrious ‘one’ down are to buy one that does not require a bra (can be applied to most purchases), look for good quality material and lastly, the no bra thing again. No bra, no worries.

Wearing: Acne Studios Mohair jumper, J brand jeans
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli



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